Face it, it’s a Lion-eat-Clio world out there these days. “Out there’, of course being the Award Show Circuit. And in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s not always just about the Big Idea anymore. It’s about how you present the Big Idea. Oftentimes it all comes down to the Case History. All the big shows want ‘em these days. No, demand them. And you don’t wanna do ‘em. You’ve got more big ideas to conjure up and clients to coddle.

That’s where we come in. We’re Best Case Scenario. And we’re about to be your new best friends.


About us

We are Marshall Twinam (Creative Director/Writer) and Tom White (Art Director/Designer). We won a lot of awards way before you had to do Case Histories. But Marshall was on a team that won a 5 Year Effie so he learned a thing or two about these necessary evils.

Then we were asked (much more recently) to create a bunch of Case Histories for a major agency for their video and print submissions to the Cannes Lions. Eight of them, in fact. All due in the next few weeks. We had to learn pretty fast.

How it worked

We met with the account and creative teams representing each of their clients. They shared their intended entries, gave us background on the genesis of the idea, and briefed us on the results of their respective campaigns.

Then we went away and created some very compelling case studies that were not your father’s old case studies. Each one, different from the next, positioned the entry in an interesting and attention-grabbing way.

And Best Case Scenario was born.

How it might work for you

It’s not just about Award Shows. We do compelling and creative Case Histories for use in new business pitches and for use on your company website as well. Call us, brief us. We’ll come back to you with a ballpark estimate based on the scope of the project. We have a production team that includes an agency producer, a CGI creative team, as well as a director/editor. We can also work with your in-house production department if that makes more sense for your budget. We’re flexible, fast and solution-oriented. 

We can work “retroactively” as we did on the Creative shown here or we can get ahead of the project and plan, pre-shoot, to make sure we capture everything we need to make your Case History sing and the award show judges swoon.